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Why creating preconfigured images?

As explained in the intoduction, not all the people that wish to use a RPi know how to use Linux. Furthermore installation of some of the software can be time consuming and give problems. With the images in this site it's possible to find ready-made configurations that can be used immediately.

Why a static IP address?

Quite often it's much more practical configure and manage the RPi connecting from another computer using SSH (usually I connect with my iPad). This because sometimes RPi is used standalone, without a TV or maybe because it's not practical tu use a keyboard and a TV.
To connect using SSH You need the IP address of the RPi and even if You can find it in several ways, having it static just allows to make connections much faster.

How can I use SD images?

After downloading and unzipping an image, You should use some software to write the data to the SD card. I use Win32 Disk Imager because it's simple to use and free. You can find more info about SD managing at with instruction to operate on non Windows systems.
After writing is complete the SD is ready to be inserted in the RPi.

Which card should I use?

I found no problems with the SD I own, even if it seems that with some brand there could be some issue. The size needs to be at least 4GB, even if the base image could be installed also onto 2GB cards. The speed should be at least 4 or more.

Why images are compressed using 7zip?

7zip is the compression method that allows me to obtain the smallest archives, so the files can be downloaded faster.

I would like to have a SD image for ...

I just do not want to make custom images. If You need a configuration that it's not in this site You have two chanches: wait (when I need a configuration I will put the image available here) or make it by yourself.

Can I join two images to have one with both the configurations?

Images are standalone and You cannot join them together. If You need more configurations into one Installation You should configure it by yourself folowing the instructions found at the bottom of every page.

I made a Linux installation that I wish to share with others

I have no problem to put images made by other people. You just should send me the file (possibly compressed) and give me the main specifications of the configuration. It would be a good idea to provide a mail address for people that wish to download Your image and have questions.

I have a question about RPi

Sure! You can send me an email and I promise to answer as soon as possible.

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