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Corner bookmarks

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Some bookmarks slightly different from usual, simple and fast to build. Differently from the classical rectangular bookmarks You put in the middle of the book, corner bookmarks are inserted in the page corner as You can see in the above photo.
You can build one in few minutes using just paper and scissors, without using any glue.

This file contains 10 bookmarks with photos from Harry Potter movies: PDF

Here some photo to help You preparing the bookmarks.

Bookmark Bookmark
After printing and cutting the chosen bookmark, fold the paper along the diagonal as shown in the photos.


Bookmark Bookmark
Put the folded paper with the photo faced toward the table surface and proceed with the next two folds.

Bookmark Bookmark
Unfold the last two and fold in half the corner without the photo, as shown above.

Bookmark Bookmark Bookmark
Make the two new folds.

Bookmark Bookmark
Now fold the two tips behind the previously folded corner, just like shown in the photos above.

Bookmark Bookmark Bookmark Bookimark
Some picture of the finished bookmark.

To prevent ruining the tip, You can cut and glue behind the photo a 5cmx5cm square piece of cardboard.

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